About Us

"Most girls dream of being a Bride from the time they were a little girl. I always dreamt of having a Bridal Shop, dressing Brides and planning weddings. After receiving my college degree in business and working as a buyer for several major department stores, it was time to make that dream come true. But what would I call this bridal store? Not sure, I would keep the existing name until out on a shopping trip to Lancaster. My sister was shopping for a quilt and I went along to offer input on colors and design. Then we walked into a store and there it was…a beautiful handmade quilt with hearts, flowers and lovebirds called “The Country Bride” design. Apparently Modern Bride magazine had been in the area doing a photo shoot and someone suggested the quilt makers in Lancaster design a quilt for the cover of Modern Bride. At that point I knew I had a name and the quilt would make a beautiful wall hanging in the store.


The business grew rapidly and soon I realized it would be necessary to expand the existing space. It was a natural to offer Tuxedos to the merchandise assortment. My husband decided to join me in business and the Country Gent was born. Thirty years later and we are now looking to expand our current location."


-Trish Burkholder




See how over 30 years of experience sets us apart...


Our favorite part of the bridal experience is finding the perfect gown that makes your day special. At the Country Bride and Gent we provide a ‘non-stuffy’ bridal experience that is both fun and relaxing as you find your perfect gown. Nothing is more important than your wedding day and nothing is more important to us than you. At the Country Bride and Gent we carry gowns, formal wear and accessories for all occasions from bridal, formals, gala events and one of the exciting times of the year, prom.