wedding cake

Cake or Not to Cake

Tips from Trish

The inventiveness and creativity of those who bake, continues to impress.

Obviously, the traditional wedding cake is still a strong and delicious presence in wedding receptions everywhere.  But more and more modern brides are choosing variations on this theme.  Wedding cake has been expanded to be wedding dessert and the options are gorgeous - and delicious.  Some of the most intriguing and stunning desserts are appearing at weddings all across the country. 

In celebration of National Cake Day, this is a list of just a few cake "replacement" ideas that we have seen and admired.

  • Towers of frosted cake donuts.
  • Towers of cupcakes with a small classic wedding cake starring on the top of the tower.
  • Two tiers of rice crispy cakes frosted with whipped creme.
  • Towers of whoopie pies.  Or small individual fruit pies.
  • Three tiers of heart shaped cake and/or pie pops.
  • Three tiers of stacked Oreo cookies.
  • Tower of ten tiers of multi colored macaroons on a dramatic base filled with gorgeous fresh blooms.
  • Five tiers of various flavors of Cheese cake.  (Each one with a tiny flag specifying the flavor)
  • Four tiers of mini Bundt cakes in varying flavors.
  • Tiers of various cake cups served in engraved glasses that become the guest favors.
  • Towers of classic donut holes with tiny accents of flowers and greens.
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