Cinderella for an Evening

At the Country Bride and Gent we want every occasion to be a special one and use our over 26 years of experience in formal wear to find just the right style for your special day. We were so happy when we received this note from one of our clients and thankful she was able to even share a few photos from the evening. And of course…she looked amazing!

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image (5).jpeg
image (3).jpeg
Trish…My Fairy Godmother,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I felt like Cinderella! I received sooooo many compliments at the gala. A few strangers stopped me and asked where I bought the dress! I had over 100 “likes” on Facebook and so many more people complimented me at work. I was told by a few girls, later in the week, that I was the most beautifully dressed girl there! I felt so honored. The nickname Cinderella lasted this whole week!

I cannot thank you enough.