Important News Update!

Big Changes for CBG

Today, we are happy to announce that the property housing The Country Bride and Gent at 708 Sumneytown Pike has been sold.

We have long outgrown our space and this sale provides us with a wonderful opportunity to relocate to a larger and more modern salon. Our plans are to remain in the existing building through the end of 2018. we will then relocate to our new store by January 2019.

There will be no interruption of business to any of our new or existing customers. Once we have finalized the details, we will announce the address of our new store location in the immediate area.

As we have stated before, we are as committed today as we were when we opened the store in 1995. Providing our customers with the best fashion styles, service and quality has and always will be our main objective. We look forward to continue servicing the Brides and Grooms of our area for a very long time.

We hope this puts an end to all the speculations and rumors concerning the future of the Country Bride and Gent.

Thank you for your continued support!

Trish and Ed Burkholder

Yes, We're Open!


We were very surprised and saddened to hear about our neighbor, the Sumney West Tavern, closing.

This in no way has any effect on The Country Bride and Gents store operations. We are as committed today, as we were in 1996 when we opened The Country Bride and Gent at 708 Sumneytown Pike.

We continue to strive in providing our customers with the best fashion styles, service and quality in the Bridal/Formalwear market.

Should Wawa purchase the property, we will be relocating within the immediate area to a larger more modern salon. There will be no interruption of business to any of our customers!

We are proud to be one of the premier Bridal Salons in Montgomery County and are looking forward to servicing the Brides and Grooms of the area for a very long time.

Trish and Ed Burkholder

Wedding Stress

Wedding Stress

How can something as wonderful as becoming engaged be a huge source of stress?  I'm afraid that the social expectations that  get imposed on your wedding can be a part of it, as your own expectations will be.  Unless you are planning to "run away" and get married (which is stressful in its own way) the best approach is to expect stress and find ways to manage it.

Wedding Toasts

Tips from Trish

Have you been asked to make a toast at the wedding you'll attend?  Some toasts are "standard" and  others spontaneous.  If you plan to be the one delivering a toast, here are some hints to help you prepare.

Being asked to speak at a wedding reception can make one nervous.  We suggest that it is best to be prepared and avoid "winging" it.  The toast maker needs to remember that his/her remarks are to congratulate the couple.  They may be humorous or touching or congratulatory, but whichever is chosen, remember that they need to be given in good taste.

Who may toast:

  • The father of the bride traditionally proposes the first toast to his daughter and future son-in-law a the engagement party.
  • The host or father of the groom proposes the first toast to the bride and the groom at the rehearsal party/dinner.
  • The best man proposes the first toast to the bride and the groom at the wedding reception.

After he has completed his toast, everyone except the bride and groom, rise and drink to the couple.

After the best man's toast, the groom will respond with thanks to the best man and then offer a toast or two of his own to the bride, to his parents, to his new in-laws.  If she wishes, the bride may rise and offer her own toast to her new husband and/or to her new family.  Following the bride, other members of the wedding party may propose additional toasts to the couple if they wish.

Write your toast in advance and practice it a few times before delivery.  If you don't know where to start, check the Internet for ideas or reference guides for famous love quotes.

wedding toast the country bride and gent.jpg

Photographer Highlight - PhotoSynthesis Photography

Today we are highlighting one of our local wedding photographers that CBG Brides and Gents have raved about Bill Stank of PhotoSynthesis Photography. 

A little more about Bill from his website...

"Hi, I'm Bill and I'm a Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer! I have always enjoyed being involved with both the visual and performing arts throughout my life. Photography, of course, as well as drawing, painting, and playing music have been creative outlets for me. I find the arts to be limitless and forever evolving for the individual. I feel blessed that I have been able to live a creative life and I look forward to future creative endeavors. It would be an absolute pleasure to work with you!"

Bill also has a great video of him describing his process which you can view below or visit his website at

Below are also a few photos from one of Bill's most recent styled shoots featuring styles from the Country Bride and Gent.

Venues: Robert Ryan Catering & Design

Models: Leslie Michell, Katy Gray and Colin Rogan Shaw

Florist: Pondeleks Florist

Hair and Makeup: Alisha Nycole


Cake or Not to Cake

Tips from Trish

The inventiveness and creativity of those who bake, continues to impress.

Obviously, the traditional wedding cake is still a strong and delicious presence in wedding receptions everywhere.  But more and more modern brides are choosing variations on this theme.  Wedding cake has been expanded to be wedding dessert and the options are gorgeous - and delicious.  Some of the most intriguing and stunning desserts are appearing at weddings all across the country. 

In celebration of National Cake Day, this is a list of just a few cake "replacement" ideas that we have seen and admired.

  • Towers of frosted cake donuts.
  • Towers of cupcakes with a small classic wedding cake starring on the top of the tower.
  • Two tiers of rice crispy cakes frosted with whipped creme.
  • Towers of whoopie pies.  Or small individual fruit pies.
  • Three tiers of heart shaped cake and/or pie pops.
  • Three tiers of stacked Oreo cookies.
  • Tower of ten tiers of multi colored macaroons on a dramatic base filled with gorgeous fresh blooms.
  • Five tiers of various flavors of Cheese cake.  (Each one with a tiny flag specifying the flavor)
  • Four tiers of mini Bundt cakes in varying flavors.
  • Tiers of various cake cups served in engraved glasses that become the guest favors.
  • Towers of classic donut holes with tiny accents of flowers and greens.
wedding cake the country bride and gent blog.jpg