Wedding Toasts

Wedding Toasts

Have you been asked to make a toast at the wedding you'll attend?  Some toasts are "standard" and  others spontaneous.  If you plan to be the one delivering a toast, here are some hints to help you prepare.

Being asked to speak at a wedding reception can make one nervous.  We suggest that it is best to be prepared and avoid "winging" it.  The toast maker needs to remember that his/her remarks are to congratulate the couple.  They may be humorous or touching or congratulatory, but whichever is chosen, remember that they need to be given in good taste.

Who may toast:

  • The father of the bride traditionally proposes the first toast to his daughter and future son-in-law a the engagement party.

  • The host or father of the groom proposes the first toast to the bride and the groom at the rehearsal party/dinner.

  • The best man proposes the first toast to the bride and the groom at the wedding reception.

After he has completed his toast, everyone except the bride and groom, rise and drink to the couple.

After the best man's toast, the groom will respond with thanks to the best man and then offer a toast or two of his own to the bride, to his parents, to his new in-laws.  If she wishes, the bride may rise and offer her own toast to her new husband and/or to her new family.  Following the bride, other members of the wedding party may propose additional toasts to the couple if they wish.

Write your toast in advance and practice it a few times before delivery.  If you don't know where to start, check the Internet for ideas or reference guides for famous love quotes.